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Brief introduction

The goal of the Dekameron Publishing House is publishing valuable literature.

Our original scope focused on publishing books in the field of philosophy, and books from the world’s literature, representing the heroic activity of thinking. In some cases the biggest Hungarian writers are introduced.

Later we expand publishing scope with travel guide books, which has nowadays bigger percentage, but we have not given up the original goal.

Our travel guide books are dedicated to Hungarian travellers, prepared after their wants and possibilities, thinking on poorer and richer ones, too. Our travel guide book series – the DEKAMERON GUIDE BOOKS (Dekameron útikönyvek) and the CATULLUS NAVIGATOR (Catullus navigator) are guiding the readers and the tourists to every corner of the World: from Croatia to Spain through Italy and Great Britain, to South America (e.g. Peru) through Cuba, to Africa (e.g. Kenya), and to Asia through Mongolia and Vietnam.

Our guide books have been written mainly by young authors, nowadays the sights are supported by GPS coordinates.


Dekameron Publishing House

H-1036 Budapest, Pacsirtamező u. 22/b.


phone/fax: (+36 1) 368 7803



Who is who at our Publishing House?


managing director


She was born in 1954. She is originally a teacher. After getting her diploma, she started studying psychology and after some years she got M.Sc. degree as psychologist. She is dealing with publishing books for 20 years; she is one of founder of Dekameron Publishing House.
During her cloudless juvenility, she has visited a lot of corner of the World, and she still likes travelling. In the everyday life she is teaching, working as psychologist and besides that she is arranging the tasks of the Publishing House. She likes visiting theatres and concerts.
She is a happy mother and grandmother aspirant. She likes fruits and diets.




Péter SÁRKÖZY HALÁSZ        

He was born in 1952. He has got his diploma in folk pedagogy at the Esterházy Károly College in Eger. He is working in the area of book publishing for more than 30 years. “He is a belletrist, author of 26 books including novels and contes.”

His interest turned to guide books in the last 15 years, but he has not forgotten his original favourites, the Hungarian and World literature, and the philosophy.

He travelled a lot during his long and happy juvenility. He visited a lot of places of the World. Nowadays in his not-really-young-ages he is replacing this activity with helping the birth of new guide books

He is one of the founders of Dekameron Publishing House, he has grounded the character the fame and the contact system of the company.

He is a happy father and grandfather aspirant. He likes Wiener schnitzel, the Somló style sponge cake and beer.

Péter KISS PhD       

He was born in 1981 at Veszprém. He studied at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is a high power electrical engineer, he is working as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Electric Power Engineering of the BUTE. He has achieved Ph.D. degree in November 2011 in the field of power quality of the high power railway networks.
Together with his family and their Skif tent trailer they travelled to different parts of Europe every year since his childhood. As young adult he has visited all five continents, filled with a lot of experiences. He is a railway fun, he likes travelling with train during his travels. Together with his wife he is the co-author of four travel guide books, they guide the readers to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to the Baltic States. He has visited the countries several times, where he has got both Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Russian friends.
He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Dekameron Publishing House since 2008, his activity covers travel guide book series. The first result of his work is the nowadays applied uniformed travel guide book structure.


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Dekameron Könyvkiadó Kft.

1036 Budapest, Pacsirtamező utca 22/b.

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Telefon: +36-1-368-7803






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